The Call

Repost from October 30, 2007

Just as I was getting the kids to bed after a long Monday, Jason handed me the phone.  It was Dr. Ascher.  I wonder why she’s calling?  What came next was blah blah blah…donor…come to the hospital…surgery in the morning.  It seemed so surreal.  I was speechless.  She asked if I had any questions and I couldn’t take it all in so I asked for her number just in case I did have questions.

First thought that crossed my mind: dammit, we’re gonna miss Halloween again!  Second thought: thank you Lord I don’t have to go under!  It’s a miracle!

I clarified with Jason (who looked like he seen the dead) and I ran up and down the house telling my mom, dad, sister, and Auntie Wilda.  Nate overheard my telephone conversation and he started crying.  He missed his mom and he missed me.  I gave him a hug and went off packing our bags.  So much to do but I figured I’d take our time – what else would we do overnight?  You can’t fool me.  The only thing they’d do is stick him with an IV, make him starve and hydrate him.  No rush!

I took a shower, cleaned up a bit, made some phone calls, and got the kids into their Halloween costumes.  I can’t believe it!  Second year in a row we’d miss it.  Oh well.  We took pictures of the boys 2 days earlier – they’d never know.

We finally packed up the car, said good-bye, kissed my other two boys, and we were off.  The trip to UCSF was the longest ride ever and Christopher seemed a bit sullen.  Did he know?  I couldn’t help but think it.  My poor, brave Christopher.

We got to the ER and checked in.  Everyone was a bit confused as we were supposed to come in Tuesday morning.  Oh mann, the miscommunication begins!  We waited in the ER for 6Long to prepare our bed.  After awhile we got upstairs and 6Long was all too familiar.  After all, we were admitted five times already.  It was like an old friend.  The peds came in and asked lots of questions and the nurse took his vitals.  My brave boy did what he had to do without a peep and now he’s sleeping.  I hope I get some rest – tomorrow will be a rough, rough day for us.